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Cindy Cooke began her career by teaching students with disabilities in the public-school system. Most recently, she worked for the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction as Exceptional Children Literacy Consultant for the northeast part of the state. Currently she serves as an educational consultant and senior trainer for Letterland which includes implementation planning, initial training, follow-up and coaching. Cindy is passionate about empowering administrators and teachers to use quality literacy instruction and effective strategies that provide students valuable tools for learning.

Cindy Cooke


Our approved Letterland Trainers are highly knowledgeable in phonics and building foundational literacy skills.

I first encountered Letterland 15 years ago helping struggling Kindergarteners in Wake County, NC. I watched Letterland build both their reading skills and their confidence. Their joy at learning left an indelible memory as well as an unwavering certainty that all students deserved the same. Over the next decade in my role as a district literacy leader, I collaborated to bring Letterland to our district and oversee its implementation PreK-2.