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Letterland Dress Up

Schools all around the world hold Letterland parades throughout the school year, giving their little learners the chance to dress up as the Letterlanders they've been learning about in their lessons.

These parades act as both an incentive and reward for students that have been working hard in their Letterland lessons. Teachers, students and parents all delight in bringing Letterland to life for a day!


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Step-by-Step Dress Up Craft Ideas

Dress Up Inspiration

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We know that buying costumes can be time consuming and expensive, so we've created a step-by-step craft guide for each Letterlander from Annie Apple to Zig Zag Zebra. Just follow these guides to turn your little learners into their most loved Letterlanders.

Annie Apple

Bouncy Ben

Clever Cat

Dippy Duck

Eddy Elephant

Firefighter Fred

Golden Girl

Harry Hat Man

Impy Ink

Jumping Jim

Kicking King

Lucy Lamp Light

Munching Mike

Noisy Nick

Oscar Orange

Peter Puppy

Quarrelsome Queen

Red Robot

Sammy Snake

Talking Tess

Uppy Umbrella

Vicky Violet

Walter Walrus

Fix-it Max

Yellow Yo-yo Man

Zig Zag Zebra

We absolutely love seeing photos of the amazing Letterland costumes that teachers and parents create - check out some of the photos we've collected!

If you've got a great costume you want to show off, send it to us at [email protected] or via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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Complete your costumes by printing out the the plain letter shapes from the template below, cutting them out and fixing to your top. You'll also find each letter template attached to the step-by-step craft guides.

Printable lowercase letters

abc hollow

Mr A the
Apron Man

Mr E the
Easy Magic Man

Mr I the
Ice Cream Man

Mr O the
Old Man

Mr U the
Uniform Man