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Our Story

Letterland has been bringing literacy to life for over 50 years. We've published hundreds of titles that have sold in their millions around the world. Today we sell in 111 countries and our award-winning books and software are helping countless young children to learn how to read, write and spell!

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At Letterland, we believe that small is beautiful. We are a family-owned independent publisher with a big reputation to uphold. Our mission has always been to ensure that as many young children as possible have fun learning to read, write and spell. We want our smallest customers to enjoy our books and to develop a love of reading that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. In 1968, Lyn Wendon created Letterland at her kitchen table and, over 50 years later, the Wendon family still own and run Letterland, meaning we have never lost sight of our goal!

First Letterland Day at Tweetsie Railroad, USA

US Product Launch




ELT Product Launch

Characters updated. Software developed.


Lyn Wendon develops Letterland.

UK schools adopt Letterland.

Letterland spreads worldwide.





ABC Book sells over 1 million copies.

Meet the Letterland Family

Along with the Wendon family, there are many amazing people that keep us at the top of our game! Read on to meet the whole team who get Letterland products onto your bookshelves.

Lyn Wendon

Originator & Author

Lyn Wendon created Letterland while working as a peripatetic special needs teacher in primary schools and simultaneously raising three small children. Not being able to bear the thought that children were struggling at school, Lyn created a phonics system that made reading and writing accessible to all. Over 50 years after the creation of the original Letterland characters, Lyn is a consultant to the business and plays an active part in making Letterland the worldwide success it is today.

Letterland HQ

Mark Wendon


Jonathan Wendon


Tom Wendon


Alison Wendon


Lesley White

Director of Training

Lisa Holt

Author & Editor

Klara Skariah

Publishing & Customer Service Manager

Laura Galbally

Senior Designer

Alida Wotherspoon

Production Manager

Sales Reps

Cat Rutledge

Rutledge Educational Resources

[email protected]

David Atiyah

International Publishers Reps (IPR), Middle East and North Africa

[email protected]

Robert Snuggs

Bounce Sales and Marketing Ltd., UK and other territories

[email protected]

Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor Associates,


[email protected]

2019 11 05 09 55 40 www.internationalrepresentationservices.com

International Representation Services, Central America

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Distributors and Trainers

We are lucky to work with incredible distributors and trainers from all around the world. Find the full list and their contact details: