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Homeschool 1

Highly effective instruction for Kindergarten and Grade One children learning foundational literacy skills at home. Grounded in the latest research it is designed as a stand-alone Homeschool program. The research-based units integrate vocabulary development and regular text-based practice to motivate students and support comprehension.

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Engaging and Multi-Sensory

Engaging stories and unique teaching strategies motivate children to read, write and spell confidently.

Online Access to Resources

Many key resources are available online including over 500+ animations and lots of free downloadables.

Decodable Reading Support

Lots of opportunities to review and practice concepts previously taught to consolidate learning.

Research-Based Instruction

Letterland is aligned with the Science of Reading and is grounded in academic research.

Flexible Pacing Guidance

Pacing can be tailored to the specific needs of your child until mastery scores are attained.

Monitor Progress with Assessments

Decide when your child is ready to move on based on observations.



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  • Phonics Online
    (annual subscription that gives online access to over 500 animations, decodable Phonics Readers, Phonics Games, Cards Tool and a Teacher Toolkit full of useful supporting resources.

Teaching Scope

  • Section 1 : a-z Word Building
  • Section 2: Consonant Blends
  • Section 3: Long Vowels
  • Section 4: Further Vowels Sounds and Spellings

Launching Letterland Homeschool

Before you being teaching Homeschool 1, we recommend watching all videos on this page.

Prepare (20 mins)

Evaluate (10 mins)

Assessing your child is important so you know the correct starting point in the Teacher's Guide.

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Teach and Monitor (10 mins)

Almost there! You are now ready to plan your lessons, work out pacing and monitor progress.

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Demo Lessons

Watch these videos that demonstrate how to deliver a Letterland Homeschool unit from start to finish with your child. Units demonstrated are from the beginning, middle and end of the teaching.

mq2 (1)
Unit 6 - Mm (26 mins)

Watch Demo Unit

mq2 (2)
Unit 26: ck Blending Day (29 mins)

Watch Demo Unit

Unit 63: ai, ay Segmenting Day (40 mins)

Watch Demo Unit

How to Teach

Your Letterland Homeschool Teacher's Guide 1 includes pull-out Blueprints forming the framework to your lessons. These Blueprints summarize the 'How to teach' section (pages 18-33) which includes step-by-step explanations of the activities required for teaching. Watch the videos below to get an understanding of all the teaching activities:

Let's review
'Quick Dash' (2-3 mins)
Blending Day
'Guess Who' (2-3 mins)
Segmenting Day
Rereading (4-6 mins)
Blending and Segmenting Day
Let's learn
Sound/spelling pattern (2-5 mins)
Blending and Segmenting Day
Blending (3-5 mins)
Blending Day
Segmenting (3-5 mins)
Segmenting Day
Tricky Words (2-4 mins)
Blending and Segmenting Day
Let's practice
Words and sentences (3-6 mins)
Blending Day
Dictation (4-8 mins)
Segmenting Day
Fluency and Comprehension (6-10 mins)
Blending and Segmenting Day
Wrap it up
Assessment, independent practice (2-4 mins)
Blending and Segmenting Day

Useful Resources

Text Conventions and Abbreviations

  • Words a parent/teacher may say are blue without quotation marks.
  • Words a child may say are “bold black with quotation marks”.
  • Phonemes (sounds) are enclosed by slashes /ĕ/, /d/
  • Consonant phonemes that can be prolonged are repeated /fff/ /mmm/
  • Diacritics are used to represent long/short vowel sounds e.g. ĕ (short) as in egg, ē (long) as in east.
  • Abbreviations used: LSC - Letter Sound Cards