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Phonics Online

A wonderful ‍ ‍‍resource to help teachers teach and children learn! Meet the Letterlanders and explore 370 animations in one place. It's easy to set up and includes lots of new features like access to our Phonics Readers, Phonics Games and a Teacher Toolkit full of supporting resources.

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What's Included?

What does it cost?

Meet the Letterlanders and explore 370 animations in one place. There are stories to introduce each of the Letterlanders and their spelling stories, animated songs for learning letter shapes and sounds and fun chants.

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Meet the Letterlanders

Children go on a Learning Journey with 66 levels of Phonics Games to complete in 6 different landscapes. This structured, motivation journey consolidates letter sound knowledge. Children can also play unlimited Skills Focused games, to help develop speed and accuracy.

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Phonics Games

Downloadable resources to support fidelity and tools to cut down classroom management time such as assessments to accompany your Teacher's Guide, Unit Activities and Classroom Demo videos.

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Teacher Toolkit




Teacher Plan

Classroom Plan

Custom Plan

* For payments by invoice or purchase order. Orders via credit or debit cards are charged per month at $4.99 for the Teacher Plan and $9.99 for the Classroom Plan. Click here, to order via credit or debit card and get instant access.

$50 / year*


  • 1 Teacher login


  • 1 Teacher login
  • 25 Student logins


  • Custom number of logins
  • Manage multiple schools

It's simple to set up new players, manage classes and access all the games and resources.

Easy set up!

Phonics Online runs on laptops, desktops and tablets. You just need an internet connection!

Any device

With teacher and individual child access you can use Phonics Online at school or at home!


The interactive Phonics Readers give children the satisfaction of reading whole books as soon as they know a few letter sounds. The imaginative, decodable stories gradually introduce new phonic elements and build on the vocabulary from previous stories in a clear and measurable progression.

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Phonics Readers

Technical Specifications

  • Internet speed – minimum of 10 Mbps recommended for full functionality
  • Internet browsers – the latest version of Google Chrome and Safari are recommended, other browsers may have limited functionality
  • Devices – optimised for devices with a screen resolution of 1024 x768
  • Operating Systems – will run on Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, iOS and Android
  • Security – URLs use secure protocols, for schools with strict firewalls and should be added to a safe list, authentication bypass list or proxy bypass list.

$100 / year*

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