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Training Videos

The videos provided here are designed to give you and overview of how Letterland works across the grade levels. There are also individual videos of the key teaching techniques used in Letterland. These Tricks and Strategies motivate children to read, write and spell confidently. Once the children learn them they can use the tricks independently whenever they are reading and writing.

Character Names Trick

Action Trick

Sound Trick

Capital Letter Trick

Alliteration Trick

Roller Coaster Trick

Slow Speak Trick

Quick Dash

Guess Who

Picture Coding

Reading Direction

Live Reading

Finger Tapping

Live Spelling

Predicting the Vowel Sounds

Spelling Multi-Syllable Words

Reading Multi-syllable Words

3x3 Tricky Words

Six Syllable Types - Candle

Six Syllable Types - Robot

Six Syllable Types - Vowel Team

Six Syllable Types - Magic e

Six Syllable Types - Open & Closed

Six Syllable Types - Intro

Action Tricks and Letter Sounds

Firing ahead into First Grade

Lift-off to Letterland

Kindergarten Kick-off

Talking syllables in Grade Two

Introductory Training Sessions

Tricks and Strategies