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Kindergarten (2nd Edition)

Our new foundational skills curriculum brings together Letterland’s multisensory phonics instruction with an integrated phonological awareness strand. It’s a comprehensive early literacy program that is easy to implement, is child-friendly and aligned to the Science of Reading.

Available Summer 2023

Combined Approach

The Letterland Kindergarten curriculum covers all five components of literacy. The integrated phonological awareness strand and systematic phonics instruction gives students the foundation they need before moving on to vocabulary, fluency and language comprehension.

Structured and Systematic

The easy-to-follow lesson structure is a key feature of the Letterland Kindergarten curriculum. The Whole Group guide teaches core concepts with cumulative practice. The separate Small Group guide allows for differentiated and targeted support.

Decodable Reading Support

Students need plenty of decodable text to put into practice the phonic concepts they have learned. The Letterland Kindergarten curriculum includes over 480 pages of decodable readers,  weekly fluency lists and daily decodable sentences.

Learning with all the Senses

The Letterland characters provide students with a carefully developed story logic, which makes it possible to talk about phonic concepts in a child-friendly way. Our unique teaching strategies, like Live Reading & Live Sentence Building, encourage students to learn whilst having fun at the same time.


The Letterland Kindergarten curriculum reflects the latest science on how children learn to read. It's sequential & cumulative, explicit & direct, and includes targeted practice across multiple contexts. Concepts are gradually released with daily opportunities for instruction in the style of  "I do, We do, You do".

Formative Assessment

End of section assessments provide teachers with the data to evaluate student mastery and to inform instructional-decisions. Ongoing progress monitoring informs whole group pacing and small group instruction to give support to students that need it.

Key Features

  • Systematic Phonics & Phonological Awareness instruction aligned to the Science of Reading.
  • Whole Group Teacher's Guide with 36 Units made up of 180 daily lessons with easy-to-follow lesson structure.
  • Small Group Teacher's Guide providing opportunities to differentiate for targeted support.
  • 50 fully decodable readers with over 480 pages of engaging stories, fiction and non-fiction text, diverse illustrations and
    cross-curricular themes.
  • Sound Wall Cards built into the curriculum to reinforce phonics concepts and articulation.
  • High-Frequency and Tricky Words are introduced cumulatively.
  • Vocabulary expansion and Language Support for ELL students, and those needing extra support.
  • Integrated teaching of additional concepts such as Print and Grammatical Concepts, letter formation and handwriting skills.
  • Online Teacher Resources including access to digital instructional tools, engaging student games, 1000s of animated stories and songs, decodable texts, and a robust teacher support section.
  • Progress monitoring assessments that are built into the weekly unit structure for students that need more support.

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Quote Cirecle 2

"Children who received the explicit instruction with...[Letterland] learned almost twice as many letter sounds."

— Roberts, 2021, p.7

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