Grade Three Virtual Training

Letterland Grade Three facilitates students growth in word knowledge by building on previous learning in phonics, spelling, and word structure and applying that knowledge to learning more sophisticated words that occur in academic subjects across the curriculum, fostering a greater interest in words and language. The session covers:


  • Word structure – prefixes, roots, and suffixes along with more syllable instruction.
  • Vocabulary – using this shared knowledge to provide ‘clues’ to the meaning of words.
  • Spelling – using this shared knowledge to develop efficient and accurate spelling techniques.
  1. Review Grade Three Teacher's Guide pages 7-19, the 5 say Unit Plan and daily activities and objectives. Refer to the blueprints as you review each day's contents.

2. Download the handouts needed for the sessions.

3. Tab and label your Teacher's Guide with the following pages:

  • Contents
  • Grade 3 Scope & sequence
  • Downloadable Resources
  • 5-Day Unit Plan Section Page
  • 5-Day Unit Plan – Day 1
  • 5-Day Unit Plan – Day 2
  • 5-Day Unit Plan – Day 3
  • 5-Day Unit Plan – Day 4
  • 5-Day Unit Plan – Day 5
  • Unit 1
  • Unit 2
  • Appendix Section page
  • Appendix - Games for Learning
  • Appendix - Word Study Cards - Contents
  • Appendix - Key to Quick Coding
  • Appendix - Letterland Phonic & Spelling Stories
  • Glossary of Terms

4. Please have materials such as white boards, markers and sticky notes available, as well as note taking materials for use during the session.