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How does it work?

3. Learn Letter Shapes

Simple stories about the Letterland characters ensure correct letter formation, avoiding confusion over similar looking letters. The rhyming songs use language and concepts that children already have.

2. Learn Letter Sounds

Lively songs sung to well-known nursery tunes help with learning all the alphabet sounds. Each Letterlander also has an actions that help reinforce the alphabet sounds. For Annie Apple, bite an imaginary apple.

4. Spellings

Phonics stories give children a friendly logic for remembering all 44 letter sounds and their major spellings. Our Letter Sounds Guide is a great way to see some more stories and listen to correct letter pronunciation.

5. Syllabification

Letterland introduces special techniques to help students understand how sounds and syllables work. Each syllable is like a train car that links up to make words.

1. Meet the Letterlanders

Once you have met the friendly Letterland characters, just start to say their names for the correct letter sound. It's that simple! Annie Apple says, 'a' in words like, 'apple', 'arrow' and 'acrobat'.

Letterland at School

Teaching Scope

Letterland phonics covers all the 44 sounds in the English language and their major recurring spelling patterns. The step-by-step guides for Pre-K through Grade Two and core teaching resources provide everything you need for direct phonics instructions. Learning is engaging - that's the difference!

Learn more about teaching scope >

Key Teaching Techniques

The Letterland Tricks and Strategies are unique teaching techniques that motivate children to read, write and spell confidently. Once the children learn them, they can use the tricks independently whenever they are reading and writing.

Watch the Tricks and Strategies videos >