Intervention Virtual Training

Letterland Intervention 1 focuses on the foundational literacy skills critical to K-1: print concepts, phonological awareness, phonics for reading and spelling, and fluency. A thoughtful, research-based design integrates vocabulary development and regular text-based practice to motivate students and support comprehension.


1. View Lift-off to Letterland Introductory Sessions (30 minute video)

3. Familiarize yourself with the Letterland characters, their sounds & shapes.

4. Download the handouts needed for the sessions.

4. Tab and label your Teacher's Guide with the following pages:

  • Contents page
  • Downloadable resources page
  • Focus & Assessment Objectives page
  • Intervention Screening, Placement, and Diagnosis Process
  • How to Teach Section 1
  • How to Teach Sections 2-5
  • Section 2 – a-z Word Building
  • Section 3 – Consonant Blends
  • Section 4 – Long Vowels
  • Section 5 – Further Vowel Sounds & Spelling
  • Assessment & Monitoring Progress
  • Monitoring Progress - Checkpoints
  • Monitoring Progress – Lesson Logs
  • Teaching Tips & Activity Bank
  • Unit Word Chart

5. Please have materials such as white boards, markers and sticky notes available, as well as note taking materials for use during the session.

2. View Kindergarten Introductory Session (30 minute video) if this is your first Letterland training