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Kindergarten Decodable Readers

With these 50 decodable readers, students get the satisfaction of reading whole books. The stories gradually introduce new phonic elements, build on the vocabulary from previous stories, as well as incorporating some tricky high-frequency words. The progression in learning is clear, measurable and linked to the lessons in the Kindergarten Teacher’s Guides.

Science of Reading Aligned

Texts are mapped to a rigorous phonics progression with phonics concepts and tricky high-frequency words gradually introduced.

Engaging Stories

There are 50 decodable books and over 480 pages of engaging text and illustrations. Text styles include rhyming texts, playscript, fiction and non-fiction.

Support for Every Child

All books have opportunities to review phonic focus words at the start with comprehension questions at the back to ensure understanding.

Key Features

  • 50 fully decodable books with over 480 pages of engaging stories, diverse illustrations and cross-curricular themes.
  • Science of Reading aligned with texts mapped to a rigorous phonics progression.
  • Decodable & tricky high-frequency words gradually introduced with previous concepts revised throughout.
  • Variety of text styles including rhyming, playscript, fiction and non-fiction.
  • Comprehension questions with activities before and after reading.

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View free sample books and be among the first to experience our new Kindergarten Decodable Readers. You'll be able to preview books 7, 23, 33, 39 and 45.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Teacher's Guides are the decodable readers aligned to?

    The readers are designed to work with our new Kindergarten (Second Edition) Teacher's Guides. However, you can still use the readers if you have the Kindergarten (First Edition) Teacher's Guides. For more information see the scope and sequence.

  • Are all 50 books decodable?

    Yes. The texts are fully decodable which means all words (excluding tricky high-frequency words) can be read using the sounds that have previously been taught from the Kindergarten Teacher's Guides (Second Edition).

  • Will they be available digitally?

    Yes, they are available in Phonics Online for customers with an active subscription. Teachers and Students are able to access them digitally via Phonics Online so that they can be read in a whole class or small group / independent setting. They are available under the Kindergarten grade level.

  • Are there any non-fiction texts?

    Yes. Texts have been written in a variety of styles with fiction and non-fiction texts included. For more information see the scope and sequence.

  • Are there any comprehension questions?

    Yes. Each book includes multiple comprehension questions to ensure understanding. Before reading there are opportunities for students to practice the phonic focus and key decodable words. After reading there is a summary of previously taught Tricky Words.