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Don't just take our word for it, read what other parents, teachers and lecturers have said about Letterland.

"I dove in head first with the program and I (and the kids) am loving it. Seeing tremendous differences already with their success in spelling and transferring it to their writing."

Kari H

Letterland Teacher

"Our kids have been the top performers in our district since we implemented Letterland. I have to be Letterland's biggest fan."


South Lincoln County Family Resource Center

"It really is a way to teach the structure of the English language in a very interactive, engaging, brain-based, research-based way. Kids absolutely love Letterland and they can relate to the characters. They are so excited that they will have Letterland in the First Grade next year. And, in fact, you see many of the teachers all over Wake County are also thrilled because they are seeing their students reading and writing earlier and stronger than they ever have before. So it's working!"

Sherri Miller

WCPSS Literacy Director

Children learned so much more than I thought possible!

Letterland Teacher

Catawba County, NC

"Your program is FANTASTIC! My son and I met the creator of this wonderful program at Tweetsie Railroad in Boone, North Carolina about 2 years ago. My son is 9 years old and autistic. He is in a special needs classroom at school. The kids love this program."

Mum of an autistic 9 year old

"I see my students reading more accurately and using coding to figure out words they do not know."

Grade Two Teacher

Catawba County, NC

"The children love it! The teachers love it! The parents love it! And the results are remarkable."

Deborah Van Lierop

Reading Coach, Blountstown Elementary School, FL

The simple, easy to learn [phonic] stories are engaging and lively for my students to quickly grasp & memorize.


Caldwell County, NC

It has improved my students' reading and spelling this year more than anything else I've used.

Grade Two Teacher

We saw a year's growth in half a year. The only thing that we saw different was the Letterland curriculum.

A literacy coach