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Basic Lesson Frameworks for Remote Learning Situations

Not all Letterland learning methods can be adapted for remote learning. However, these frameworks enable students to consolidate or continue to learn. It is not a comprehensive learning package. It is designed to support you during this unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak. Simply find the the framework that best matches your Grade Level and Unit of teaching.

Schools will need to:

  1. Provide teacher and student access to Letterland Phonics Online. We've made it possible for schools to access this resource for free whilst they are closed due to COVID-19. Just apply as a school here and it will include access for teachers and students. It's very important that schools apply on behalf of parents/carers.
  2. Find all the relevant grade level 'Teachers Resources' in the 'Teacher Toolkit' on Phonics Online that are referenced in the Basic Lesson Frameworks.
  3. Share the resources in the Basic Lesson Frameworks with parents along with any additional instruction. If you decide to host content online it's very important that it's available within your school system and not publicly to comply with copyright laws.

Parents will need to:

  1. Make sure your school has provided you with access to Phonics Online and the resources referenced in the Basic Lesson Frameworks.


How to Access 'Meet the Letterlanders'

You will find ' Meet the Letterlanders' on the home page when you login as a child or login as a teacher on Phonics Online.

How to Access the Teacher Toolkit Resources

The Teacher Toolkit in Phonics Online includes a number of important resources. To find all the resources referenced in the Basic Lesson Frameworks you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Login as a teacher.
  2. Select 'Teacher Toolkit'.
  3. Select 'Teacher Resources'.
  4. Select your grade level

How to Access the Phonics Games

How to Access the Phonics Readers


There are a number of Phonics Readers on Phonics Online. The imaginative, decodable stories gradually introduces new phonic elements and builds on the vocabulary from previous stories. You will be able to find them on the home page when you log in as a child or log in as a teacher.

Login to Phonics Online and access the Phonics Games from the homepage. Play games in the Learning Journey to consolidate learning or play Skills Focus games to help develop speed and accuracy. Specific skills include Letter Shapes, Letter Sounds, Blending, Segmenting and
Tricky Words.

  • Easy is for Pre-K or Kindergarten
  • Medium is for Grade 1
  • Hard is for Grade 2.

For schools teaching remotely with daily contact.

Kindergarten Basic Lesson Framework

Grade Two Basic Lesson Framework

Grade One Basic Lesson Framework

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Phonics Online Teacher Toolkit2
If you are having trouble accessing the Teacher Toolkit in Phonics Online you can use the following links:

Teacher Login

Phonics Online Teacher Toolkit2

Child Login

Child Login

Child Login